We’re in the Business of Helping You LIVE a PAIN-FREE ACTIVE LIFE

Our Mission:

To rejuvenate the human spirit – one person, one foot, and one body at a time.
Our story is your story. You want to feel good all the time. You're motivated by a mission and purpose to lead a happy and pain-free life. And you want your life to be fulfilled and make a difference.

We want the same thing.
We’re on a mission to give people the power to unlock life’s next chapter,
one healthy step at a time.

Our Values:

At Heals Labs, we believe passionately in the power of ideas to help make lives more comfortable. Our values are our guiding light. They drive us to work hard together and to show up for our community. They shape our aspirations. They influence our principled business decisions and how we ultimately serve our customers to our very best ability.


We donate back 1% of our proceeds to disabled veteran charities.


Using research and AI tools, we develop products with cutting-edge technology.

Uncompromising High Standard

From your buyer experience, to premium product quality & on to superior customer service, we never allow our standard to wane.

Our story

We're a team of athletes, officers and commando soldiers who served in Elite Army units and came together to accomplish our goal of something most athletes and soldiers have in common - the dreaded foot pain.

We have suffered with foot issues, and from this suffering came the motivation to find the technology to help, not only ourselves but fellow athletes, soldiers, veterans, and basically everyone with uncomfortable feet worldwide.

It’s taken several years and dozens of prototypes but we have developed a comprehensive solution to relieve foot pain in the short term and to deal with heel spurs in the long term.

Our respective careers have been filled with our desire to help our communities, to advance through innovation, and to do all of this with an uncompromising high standard.

An Effective Solution for Plantar Fasciitis
from Heals labs

Our Innovative All-Inclusive 24/7 System with the Specially Adapted Insole for Treatment of Pain Associated with Plantar Fasciitis

We haven't just designed another insole.
We've taken a whole new holistic approach to this debilitating problem suffered by so many people worldwide.

We have analyzed human
body mechanics

Tested new and innovative

Carried out numerous trials and tests before launching.

THE RESULTS : You get your life back on track, enjoy an active lifestyle, have fun with the kids and sleep well again 


You get your life back on track, enjoy an active lifestyle, have fun with the kids and sleep well again

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