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This All-In-One-Bundle is Found Only at Heals Labs

Beyond our innovative insoles we bring you an all-inclusive system which allows you to relieve the pain from your feet all day and all night long. By taking care of your feet not just while you're out and wearing your shoes, but also while you are at home and even while sleeping, ensures that you receive a fully comprehensive treatment for your feet 24/7.


How the Insole Works

Our patent pending spiral anti-gravity technology alleviates pressure from your heel by literally allowing you to walk on air!

By levitating your heel base from the shoe, the irritated and inflamed area of your foot barely touches the ground, giving your foot the freedom to heal as the pain decreases.

The upper part of the insole gets and keeps the shape of the foot after using it for about three weeks.

All of these materials work together to bring you an insole as light as air, stronger than your favorite sneakers and more comfortable too.

The fabric actively suppresses the growth of bacteria which are the root cause of foot odour and related smells.